Jessica Ryan: Massage Therapy and Corrective Bodywork in the Lewisville and DFW area


strong structural vision with a careful touch...


Jessica is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Corrective Bodyworker. She has been practicing manual therapy since 2011. Disillusioned with the spa scene and bored with palliative bodywork, Jessica gravitated toward Corrective Bodywork early in her career. As a natural solutions seeker, she enjoys helping clients discover and unravel the inimical fascial patterns that bring them to her table. 

Jessica has trained and practiced with Structural Elements since 2014. Her corrective work includes the application of techniques borrowed from Structural Integration and Osteopathy, including soft tissue joint mobilization. Her keen eye for the tilts, bends and rotations we look for in a body and her nurturing manner are highly valued in our clinic.

In addition to her usual Corrective Bodywork sessions Jessica now offers our new Neck Focus Series. This is a four session protocol that allows our therapists to help you discover and unwind some of the patterns that are leading to your neck pain.