Misty Davis: Corrective Bodywork and Functional Training in the Lewisville and DFW area

strongly interested in potential and openly nerdy about fascia and movement


Misty Davis is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Personal Trainer. She is a fixer and healer at heart. Misty is intensely interested in finding practical ways to help people realize their personal potential. She graduated from Flower Mound Christian Academy in August 1994 and headed for Medical Assistant School. In the late 1990’s she practiced as a Medical Assistant for 2 years at Cooks Children private practice under Dr Shams Karimi. After becoming a mother, Misty was on the lookout for ways to support her family and fund her education. She attended massage therapy school at North Texas School of Swedish Massage in Arlington, Texas in 2000.

Proving that “athletic” and “mom” belong in the same sentence, Misty has competed as a body-physique-contestant and power lifter.

Misty owned her own massage therapy clinic in Beaumont, Texas from 2001 to 2004. In 2012 she completed certifications in personal training and nutrition coaching. She has managed and trained at Anytime Fitness in Aubrey, Texas since 2013. Pulling on her skills as a trainer and manual therapist, she has helped hundreds including elite athletes and entertainers.

We have been happy to have Misty on board with us here at Structural Elements since the beginning of 2019. We are excited to see her potential as a highly effective Corrective Bodyworker and Functional Trainer. As she continues her work and training with us, she is quickly becoming an integral member of our clinic.