Our Philosophy


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SI and FI (functional integrative) practitioners are openly nerdy about fascia. This pervading tissue is our playground. What is fascia? You can click here to read the latest definition from the Fascial Research Congress. There is much forward movement in fascial research. We cannot begin to be comprehensive in our explanation here. But to be more laconic, we could say that fascia is all your connecting tissue. It includes: the tissue that surrounds and supports your brain and spinal cord; the slings, strong strings, and tunics associated with your abdominal viscera; your tendons; your ligaments; and all the tissue that "invests" your muscles. This tissue is what makes you a "tensegrity" structure; a combination of tensile and compressive forces. In this arrangement your bones float as compression struts inside the balancing forces provided by your muscle and fascia . For more on tensegrity, click here. Our job is to balance those forces to provide you with relief from aberrant fascial patterns or to facilitate flexibility, stability, strength, power and agility.