Our Philosophy




Has someone ever commanded you to "sit up straight" or "pull your shoulders back?" These directives are just a couple of many pedantic postural prescriptions we have all heard from our superiors. The mother of Structural Integrative Bodywork, Dr. Ida Rolf made some powerful clarifications about this word in her book "Rolfing." She pointed out that the the Latin root of the word "posture" contains an element of "placement." As Structural and Functional Integrative practitioners we are adamantly not interested in positioning your body in a way that some postural authority deems correct. So we cringe at the use of that word and all the images couched in its stiff syllables.  

Working toward posture seems counterproductive to us for two main reasons. First, as is indicated by the meaning of the word, adopting a posture creates rigidity in a body. If tissue becomes rigid it's ability to store and release energy, especially energy from forces generated by using our bodies to move as we work, play, or perform, is compromised. Second, we just don't want you to get in a fight with your body. Wouldn't you agree that most of us have to deal with enough frustration as we try to shrink our lives to fit the demands associated with time, money, and energy?  We don't want our work with your body to become just another demand, a predetermined space that you must fit into. Frankly we are afraid that this kind of demand will anger the three year old that resides within all of us, creating resistance in your body and to our work rather than the ease and flow we are aiming for.