What is a Focus Series? 

A focus series includes three sessions of corrective bodywork and one session of functional training. Throughout the series we home in on your area of concern. We use soft tissue manipulation to guide you toward balance and freedom from pain. In each session you're given ideas about how to rehabilitate, using corrective exercise, stretching or movement reeducation. 

Although we do focus on your area of pain, we also encourage balance in tissues that may have led to your condition. The work is applied gently and sensitively, with full client participation. We know you are already in pain. We avoid creating unnecessary pain through unrefined touch.


focus series | neck


In a neck focus series we begin with lighter work in superficial tissues which sets us up for later work with deeper layers. Next we work to help you find support and adaptability by working with your breath, rib cage and shoulder girdle. Eventually we dive deeper into muscles that move your neck and begin to use soft tissue joint mobilization techniques to steer your cervical spine toward better alignment. In each session we train your nervous system and give you corrective exercise "homework." The final session helps you hold onto the new options you have for movement. At the end of the series, we send you off with more awareness and ideas for finding strength to support the changes we’ve made during the series.  


focus series | shoulder

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focus series | back

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Series bodywork is best received when wearing underwear. While every effort is made to make you feel comfortable and warm, there will be times during a session you will be asked to stand and feel the pleasant changes that are occurring in your body. This is part of the therapy. Your nervous system 'eats this stuff up!' Most women wear a bra that gives us full access to the back. A two piece bathing suit is also appropriate. Most men receive the work in boxers or briefs. Click here for more about what to wear.

You will want to come to each session completely fragrance free and with absolutely no moisturizers, lotions, creams oils or the like on your skin. These lubricants, even if used earlier in the day of your appointment, impede our work significantly. 


Each session in a Focus Series lasts from an hour and 15 minutes to two hours. Sessions are 135$ each or $525 if purchased as a package. Click here for more about pricing.