Structural Elements' Process

corrective bodywork

Most, but not all, clients come to us because they are in pain. In these cases we engage them in a first layer of therapy where we work toward finding more ease, more space in a body. This is a "zoom in" approach called Corrective Bodywork. This is not a wholistic approach like Structural Integration (see below). We offer 50, 80 or 110 minute Corrective Bodywork sessions.

 While this therapy can be very relieving, it is not integrative work. Here we apply myofascial manipulative techniques, use neuromuscular reeducation, fascial stretching or numerous other approaches from our manual therapy "bag of tricks" to coax the local tissue toward ease. 


deeper corrective bodywork | functional training

After we have helped you achieve at least a degree of relief locally we begin sinking slowly into tissue patterns that keep you from moving easily. Here we help your body "make sense" of the structural improvements you found from our local work. At this point in our therapy we are beginning to zoom out from our local work with your area of concern.

We also put our functional training in this category. In these more globally oriented sessions we may use some light functional training as part of your therapy. If you are training with us to rehabilitate an injury or just to make gains in stability, strength or power we also consider this a global zoomed out approach to your structural behavior.

structural integration 

If you are more holistically inclined you may choose to skip our local and global work and start off with a Structural Integration series. If you came to us in pain, you may choose to start a series after corrective work, once you are relatively free from pain. Either way, this is where we shine as SI practitioners. 

You may choose to start a 3 series, a 12 series. Structural Integration involves slow, careful, deep, manual therapy and lots of movement reeducation. To read about the difference between Corrective Bodywork and Structural Integration click here.