What Should I Wear? 

If you are scheduled to train with us, wear workout gear. Something you would wear to the gym, a pilates or yoga class. Be prepared to work barefoot in our studios but bring athletic footwear in case we work outside the studios. A small towel and a bottle of water will be provided. At this time we do not have showering facilities. 


If you are scheduled for therapy your therapist will work with you in one of two ways. Please be prepared for both.


  • Your therapist may use a session for Corrective Bodywork and not Structural Integration.  The difference is explained on the "our process" page. If your therapist chooses to work in this way, you will be on the therapy table without clothes. At Structural Elements we are artful and meticulous with draping. You will feel very safe and respected on our tables. Your therapist will exit the therapy room after your initial conversation and give you ample time to undress and get on the table. They will take time to walk you through the details of this process if bodywork is new to you. 



  •  Your therapist may use a session for Structural Integration and not just Corrective Bodywork. The difference is addressed here in our blog. Structural Integration is best received when wearing underwear. While every effort is made to make you feel comfortable and warm, there will be times during a session you will be asked to stand and feel the pleasant changes that are occurring in your body. This is part of the therapy. Your nervous system 'eats this stuff up!' Most women wear a bra that gives us full access to the back and underwear. A two piece bathing suit is also appropriate. Most men receive the work in boxers or briefs. If you need time or privacy to change before a session, your therapist will exit the room and give you ample time to prepare. Minors are encouraged to wear athletic shorts.




You will want to come to each session completely fragrance free and with absolutely no moisturizers, lotions, creams oils or the like on your skin. These lubricants, even if used earlier in the day of your appointment, impede our work significantly. 

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